Free!! (Did I mention free?)

Everybody likes free stuff, right?

I know I sure as hell do. I’ll even take stuff I don’t like just because it’s free. I’ll send in for food I don’t eat or lotions with too much perfume that I won’t use or whatever just because they are free.

Don’t worry. I don’t waste it. I donate it. I give it to friends or to the local shelters. I figure if some big ass company is going to offer me free shit, then the least I can do is take is off their hands. They can afford it. Heaven knows some of these companies have had more than enough of my cash. That’s for sure.

So in the spirit of free being better than anything else, I’m offering you a freebie.

I’m offering “Heart Stuck” free on Amazon for 3 days.

Starting tomorrow – that’s March 1st for those of you who can’t be bothered to look at a calendar – “Heart Stuck” will be free until Sunday March 3rd.

That’s 3 days for those of you who can’t count. Just 3. Because I’m pretty sure you all have short attention spans. After a couple of days you’ve moved on to other stuff. So 3 days is all you’re getting.

But during those 3 days you’ll be able to get “Heart Stuck” for nothing.

Nada. Zip. Zero.

See how cool that is?

Now don’t get all excited. This isn’t going to happen all the time. But since “Crashing In” just hit the shelves (digitally speaking) I’m feel magnanimous.

So don’t wait. Rush right over to Amazon. Get the freebie you so desperately want even though you’re not actually sure what the hell you want. It’s free, remember?

By the way, that link above is for But everything I publish will be available everywhere, including Canada and the UK. I figure those of you in countries other than the US are smart enough to find it on your own. Not that US customers aren’t but it’s just that… well… um… sorry, where was I going with this?

Right. Free. So what have you got to lose? It’s free, right? Did I mention free enough times yet?

But if you like it, leave a review. Huh? Please? Pretty please?

OK. Enough with the sales pitch. I hope you enjoy “Heart Stuck” and that it makes you want to go get “Crashing In”.

If not, I’m just going to have to keep publishing more until you find something you do like.

And hey! Did I mention it’s free???

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